A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Game by Nastro Studios.

Uncontrollable Dream is a game that was made during the GTMK game jam 2020 (Theam: ' OUT  OF  CONTROL ' ) within 48 hrs of the time limit......

In this game, you as a player are trapped in a dream world where you can't control your movement and some unknown creatures are coming to kill you, and to survive you must kill them.....

Presented by Nastro Studios.

Created by Sagar Chauhan.


Uncontrollable_Dream.zip 61 MB

Install instructions

1- Download the zip file.

2- Extract the zip file.

3- Open the Uncontrollable Dream Folder.

4- Click on the Uncontrollable Dream Icon.

5- Enjoy!

Thanks for playing.

Please leave a review and help me improve, I will really appreciate that  :)

- Nastro Studios


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This is Beautiful....

Nice to hear that


This game is amazing ;)

You have done a great job......

I am impressed what you have achieved in just 48 hrs....

Will you going to continue working on this game after the jam too?


Happy to know that you like it.

No I don't have any plans on continuing this project after the game jam, as I am working on a game called "way of the snow"


Really cool vibes and atmosphere, I really like how well you captured a dreamlike experience with the movement of the camera and character. Very choppy and weird and cinematic and cool.

Something that I thought was cool (not sure if it was intentional or not) that you could really lean into, is that the light radius of the torches kinda looked like the light radius of the enemies, and it was really neat seeing the corner of one and not really being sure if an enemy was there or not. Would totally play a version with more content!


Thanks mate, very happy that you liked it.

I am amazed that you noticed a very small detail, you are the first one to notice that ;)

I am still shocked, you must payed some indescribable attention to my game and means a lot to me.....

Ya, I wasn't able to add more content because the entire game was made under just 48 hrs for Gmtk game jam 2020, that's all I could do.....


absolutely! I always try to give every game the time and attention i'd want other people to give mine :)


It is really nice to see that you are replying to every comment......


I love the atmosphere of this game


Very happy to know that you like it.


The gameplay was really smooth and the atmosphere was spot-on :)


Happy to know that you like it